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Bird & Animal Web Cams – Live & Recorded

Bird & Animal Web Cams If you are an animal-lover then this post is for you – videos of birds and animals live on web cam, and some recorded. With the live cams, it cannot be guaranteed that a web cam that is live today will still be live at the time you watch. But […]


The Problem of Ego

The Problem of Ego What exactly is the problem with ego? You might even say, ‘If I have an ego, so what?’ But the ego is not some minor, harmless aspect of our lives that can pretty much be ignored – not if you wish to progress on the spiritual path, that is. And it […]

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Sunlight doesn’t cause skin cancer

Connected with posts I have published here before on Sungazing, I came across this article which I thought some readers may be interested in, so here is the link: Sunlight Does Not Cause Skin Cancer There is obviously a pattern to beliefs that the health industry would like people to take on board as gospel, […]


Shunyamurti – Self-Realization Mastery

 If you are interested in self-realization or spiritual growth then you may like these videos. I must say I have really enjoyed listening to Shunyamurti’s words since I came across him as if by chance recently whilst on Youtube.  He really does understand Truth….I won’t say a lot, I’ll just let the below videos do […]

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Near Death Experiences – Is There Life After Death?

Near Death Experiences (NDEs) Near death experiences – are you a believer? Is there life after death, do you think? I’ve been fascinated by NDEs since my 20’s. At that time I avidly read several books on NDE’s including Dr Raymood Moody’s ‘Life AFter Life in which he coined the phrase Near death Expereience (NDE). What happens after […]

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How To Live Sanely In An Insane World – Psychic Hygiene

This is quite clearly an insane world. Those who are on a conscious path, as many are thesedays (although this is still a relatively small minority), may sometimes (or often) feel drained and weary. I know I do. Especially when you have to spend time in crowds for example. And sometimes it can be just […]


200+ Free Documentaries To Expand Your Consciousness

Life has a habit of taking over with unexpected demands – hence I’ve not been able to blog in the last couple of weeks. But in the meantime, whilst I look forward to the luxury of time again soon, here’s a quick link I thought some readers may enjoy: over 200 free documentaries to expand […]

Seeing 11

Seeing The Number 11 – The “11 Experience”

Ok, so I have been resisting posting about seeing 11’s (1’s?) everywhere. Probably because it seems like such a crackpot thing to post. But then again, I’m all about being a crackpot so here goes. My younger son told me I’m just looking for the number 11 everywhere – ie self-suggestion. But I’m not an […]