The silver lining of problems and pain

The silver lining of problems and pain I know I haven’t been blogging so much recently. Reasons? Busy with daily life for one, and then, spending more time in silence when I can rather than in the energy of mind / thinking / concepts. Sometimes, you just need to go into silence. But here I […]


Global economic collapse?

With Greece’s banks shutting and restricting ATM withdrawals to 60 Euros a day, people queing for a long time for petrol, stocking up on supplies and preparing for the unknown…well, it’s such a terrible situation. Greece spent spent beyond its means. Some say Greece will not be alone in this financial tragedy. Could the editor […]


The enemy is within – and so is Truth

The enemy is within – and so is Truth Of late an almost overwhelming urge to merge with the Absolute has arisen. The urge to be in the egoless state as much as possible. The yearning for Grace already there, getting deeper. In the higher states only, can peace be found. Higher as in – […]

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Bird & Animal Web Cams – Live & Recorded

Bird & Animal Web Cams If you are an animal-lover then this post is for you – videos of birds and animals live on web cam, and some recorded. With the live cams, it cannot be guaranteed that a web cam that is live today will still be live at the time you watch. But […]


The Problem of Ego

The Problem of Ego What exactly is the problem with ego? You might even say, ‘If I have an ego, so what?’ But the ego is not some minor, harmless aspect of our lives that can pretty much be ignored – not if you wish to progress on the spiritual path, that is. And it […]

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Sunlight doesn’t cause skin cancer

Connected with posts I have published here before on Sungazing, I came across this article which I thought some readers may be interested in, so here is the link: Sunlight Does Not Cause Skin Cancer There is obviously a pattern to beliefs that the health industry would like people to take on board as gospel, […]


Shunyamurti – Self-Realization Mastery

 If you are interested in self-realization or spiritual growth then you may like these videos. I must say I have really enjoyed listening to Shunyamurti’s words since I came across him as if by chance recently whilst on Youtube.  He really does understand Truth….I won’t say a lot, I’ll just let the below videos do […]

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Near Death Experiences – Is There Life After Death?

Near Death Experiences (NDEs) Near death experiences – are you a believer? Is there life after death, do you think? I’ve been fascinated by NDEs since my 20’s. At that time I avidly read several books on NDE’s including Dr Raymood Moody’s ‘Life AFter Life in which he coined the phrase Near death Expereience (NDE). What happens after […]