The Mind & Addiction To Compulsive Thinking

One of the hardest things I have ‘done’ on the spiritual path is to learn what it means to quiet compulsive thinking. It’s a challenging process and you reach ever deeper levels of mindfulness. It’s a process of embracing silence. Mind chatter is definitely an addiction, and maybe one day it might be clearly recognized […]


Sadhguru’s Enlightenment In His Own Words

If you’re interested in hearing of other people’s spiritual awakening experiences here is an interesting one! Myself, I love to hear about how other people became awakened / enlightened. I’ve watched Sadhguru’s videos here and there over recent years but somehow was a little put out by something in his manner, not quite sure what. […]

alan watts

Alan Watts – And Why People Resist Waking Up

Have you come across Alan Watts? I’ve been listening to him particularly recently and wanted to share some thoughts and some of his videos. His videos are I believe promoted by his son, Mark now, as Alan Watts passed away in 1973 (died in his sleep). A film on his life and works is currently in […]

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DIY Thesis to Studiopress Genesis (Lifestyle Theme) Migration

Moving from DIY Thesis to Genesis Lifetsyle Obviously, I’ve been posting since this blog took on a new design recently. But here’s a bit about the process and challenges I went through to get here – in case you are interested (I will blog about blogging occasionally), or if there are any bloggers reading. Choice […]


What’s Benjamin Fulford saying thesedays?

Benjamin Fulford – what’s he saying? So I was trawling through some old posts under the Popular section in the sidebar. This section was a eye opener  in the process of having this blog redesigned, as it shows the most commented posts. I saw that, compared with others, with comments at the 15 – 18 […]


“Waking Life” – Animation Film (Watch Free)

Watch Waking Life Animation Film (Watch Free) Waking Life is an American live-action rotoscoped animation film, directed by Richard Linklater (same director of recent film Boyhood). The film is an interesting animation – a bit different to what you might expect, in that everything (hair, ground, cars, sky, buildings) is constantly moving. Apparently the entire […]

archbishop of canterbury

The Right to Die – Former Archbishop Does U-Turn on Assisted Dying

News story – Right to die & former Archbishop Carey Yesterday I happened to see a news story about the assisted dying bill and the former archbishop of Canterbury, George Carey doing a U-turn. He said that he had changed his mind about the church’s teaching and rejection of assisted dying, and that assisted dying […]


Existential Despair and Soren Kierkegaard (& Blog Update)

Sometimes I try to express the thoughts that come into my mind and fail miserably. Is my view of the world quite so different to that of others? When I talk to others it would seem to be so. I don’t anymore have the attachment to interests society upholds as the purposes of our lives, […]

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What would you like to see in this blog?

I am looking at re-doing this blog which has become a bit tired in it’s look and feel, and also content. I am still very much committed to it but I realized I was uninspired by the way it looks and it’s layout and colours, and this was partially holding me back from getting more […]

sungazing 2

Is The Sun Rising On Sungazing?

Excuse the (sort of) pun in the title of this post, but I do love a play on words. Sungazing is a comparatively little-known practice that most people have not heard of. However there is a small number of people who do sungazing and since last year, weather permitting in the UK (that’s the big […]