Hollow Earth: “A mass entrance to the surface world within the next few months to a year or so”

I’ve been drafting a post about Agartha / Inner Earth / Hollow Earth as the subject fascinates me, and then I came across some conference calls about Telos, one of the cities inside the Earth, under Mount Shasta. I am currently in the process of trying to get through the calls but wanted to post this in the meantime.

So here is a message about these conference calls and about Billie who appears to be from inside and predicts “a mass entrance to the surface world within the next few months to a year or so”! He also says “Iodine is a cure for cancer.” “They want the older generation to die of cancer…They would rather have people die than to be cured.” And lots more…

Below the message, is a list of links for more info on the inner earth inhabitants – more incredible information and also a channelled message by Adama, Ascended Master and High Priest of Telos…Plus a 12-part video series by Sharula Dux who is apparently 300+ years old and from inside…I know, it’s too much info in one go, so dip back into it as and when you can if this topic tickles you like it tickles me.

Can there be folk down below? I know it all sounds fantastical…But can it be made up?

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~~ Message about the Conference Calls ~~

(Ret.) Colonel Billie Faye Woodard Our Connection with The Hollow Earth

Upcoming Call!

Saturday, May 7th

8:00 AM Pacific — 11:00 AM Eastern

1-712-432-3066 + 426672 (new call code)

To Hear Recording Click Here Scroll down, on right click on: Listen to Recordings Sign in and enter call code: 426672 Click on selected call.

Dr. Richard Beery writes

Thanks everyone for participating in our first couple of calls! As you can see, above, we have a new call code number, all our own. This will provide clear numbers of call participants and visitors to our recordings. We have learned that our first call had seven participants and our second call had … not 90 … but 159 participants! And next Saturday’s call will be even more!

As you know, Billie’s mission, having been born in the Hollow Earth, is to get the information out to as many as possible about the existence of the Hollow Earth and its inhabitants. This is especially important for the immediate future as he has said they will be making a mass entrance to the surface world within the next few months to a year or so. The more who know about this, the easier the transition will be for all on the surface world. Therefore these calls are being made available to anyone, together with the link which provided an introduction to Billie. Recordings of the first two calls had a call code of: 772164 and can still be accessed, as above.

Nikola Tesla Secret

The original objective was to promote this project without any need of finances, but the truth is that this was a bit naïve to expect Billie to eat the cost and time of doing this. He is not in a financial position to support this independently. Bille has been offering freely of his time through phone calls and e-mails without remuneration and as this picks up momentum, his energies are going to be taxed even further. This is another reason to help support him in any way we can. In addition, there are those who have been instrumental in helping get the word out, namely Anne DeHart, Suzy Star, Jane Stevens, and myself, Dr. Richard Beery, who also have been donating valuable time and money to help him. We are not expecting any remuneration from this but felt a need to help Billie out financially. Therefore we would humbly request a small donation to PayPal using his e-mail address at telosgirl@yahoo.com for each call to support the project. A suggested donation of $10 is requested, or whatever you can afford, but if you are not able to do so still feel free to join the calls anyway. [In other words, we do not want to exclude anyone.] If you would like to donate a larger amount this would also be greatly appreciated. Also, as you will see below, Billie has agreed to do something special to help promote the cause and raise some additional funds to keep overhead costs at a minimum.

We would also ask if anyone wishes to contact appropriate organizations [such as Coast-to-Coast with George Noory, Unknown Country with Whitley Strieber, Project Camelot, Jeff Rense, and others you may know about] please do so and send them the link found at the end of this report. Richard has already contacted Whitley Strieber but it is often helpful to have multiple people make requests to show additional interest. Whatever you can do is greatly appreciated! This is not a one person show and the more we can interact collectively the faster we can help Billie return to his home world and can help us all to move collectively in the direction our own missions towards higher consciousness.

A number of us are deeply desiring to visit Hollow Earth ourselves as well and maybe even remain there for a time. What we have learned from Billie and others as well about the Hollow Earth staggers the mind!!! In addition it gives us valuable insight into the workings of Area 51 where Billie has been previously employed and therefore has extensive knowledge.

A lot has been happening recently. As early as the last 24 hours, Billie had several serendipitous experiences. A person from the UK called him and asked if he was the one who accompanied her on a trip to Alaska where Billie was attempting to enter the Hollow Earth. He remembered her as well. There were more details but were more personal so they will not be included. In addition, Billie experienced an amazing chase of fighter pilots trying to intercept a UFO [“aeroship” as they are referred to by the Hollow Earth inhabitants] right directly over his house. This happened in the evening and the UFO was estimated to be about 100 feet over his house! The jets were being “toyed” with as if they were standing still! WOWWWWWWWWW! Billie had telepathic communication with the UFO which was from the Hollow Earth and when inquiry was made about picking him up to take him there, he was told he had more to do on his mission.

For those who want to go to particular segments of the last call on 4-16-11 which was a barn blasting 4.5 hour call, Anne DeHart has meticulously outlined it in such a way that you may go to a specific section without wading through the entire call! I, myself, REALLY appreciate this as this takes so much time to do this and everyone benefits from it! Thanks Anne! See Navigation Guide Apr 16 Call attached.

Next we will go to Billie’s special I mentioned about earlier. He makes headbands which can help in telepathic communication with the Hollow Earth inhabitants. This consists of a copper headband which requires a crystal and silver or gold coin to be attached to it. He has agreed to a special time limited offer for those on this newsletter list, especially considering the economic times we live in. This offer is for the next 30 days from the time of the newsletter to provide headbands at over 50% off! They are normally $200. However, they will be $95 for this time period. Here is the process. You will need to locate a special crystal that “speaks” to you for this purpose. If you wish, you may want to employ a pendulum or do muscle testing to be sure. Then you will need to obtain a one ounce silver coin, or you can use gold if you wish which has a stronger “beacon” so to speak. Mail it to Billie being sure to insure the package. Include a $95 money order or you can prepay on Paypal if you wish. As he has done in the past on a number of occasions, the headband will be made and shipped back to you, insured of course, at his cost. You will need to tell him how much to insure the package for.

More details on what to look for in terms of the crystal. Pick a quartz crystal roughly 1/2 inch diameter by 1 inch tall which is single terminated. Use plain quartz, not smokey or rose colored. Look for one which is free of chips and cracks at the tip. The apex, or capstone area, should be as clear as possible. Don’t be concerned about the lower area as far as clarity goes. The bottom is best to be rather flat. These are just guidelines so don’t be too exacting if you can’t get everything just right!

Lastly, be aware, Billie has other devices which are potent. These include, as examples, crystal power rods, crystal healing rods, and crystal power staffs. You will need to speak with Billie directly about these to determine what interests you may have.

Chikara-Reiki-Do.com - Here's The Startling Truth About Reiki You Can Attune Yourself...

Here is a link to read about for those who have not been on a call. PLEASE review them prior to the call so you know what Billie will be referring to and you won’t be lost!!! Click Here.

Here is the call archive information: Click Here Slide down on the right to: Listen to Recordings Register your presence and input the call code: 772164 Click on: Telos Saturday, April 2 and 16.

Billie’s contact information:
775-751-2846 (home) in the MST zone.
775-513-0906 (cell). Skype: zaraya57 E-mail address is telosgirl@yahoo.com

Lastly, some of you have wondered what Creative Communities are about, that was mentioned on the call and here is a link to go to: suzystar.net This is a profound way to help in the transition to the new reality! So check it out!!!

We look forward to your joining our Hollow Earth group as we learn, together, the constructive part we can play in the short time before Emergence.

Please sign on the May 7th call a bit early, so we can all be easily accomodated. And yes, you may invite a guest. We will rely upon your discernment as to who to invite. Follow Guidance.

See you May 7th!

Dr. Richard Beery

~~ End of Message ~~

Links to other Inner Earth info:

Agartha in the Hollow Earth By Dr. Joshua David Stone

Various messages, including ADAMA, Ascended Master and High Priest of Telos, a subterranean City beneath Mt. Shasta in California, USA (1996)

The UnderWorld Empire (no date given)

Fascinating channellings with Inner Earth beings through Aurelia Louise Jones. Quote:

“The surface populations are now getting close to what is called “The Gathering”. Know that the powers that be in this world, the powers of the shadow side, the Illuminati, are trying to stop this at all cost. Know that the more they are trying to stop it, the more you will know that you are doing it right and getting closer…

The governments of your planet do not yet realize that the people who live in the interior have been there such a long time, much longer than their limited mind could ever imagine. They do not yet realize that it is not them who are in charge of this planet, and that their time for ruling is soon coming to a dramatic end. Their bubble of illusion will soon be shattered, and their cycle of accountability will be born.”

Listen to an Adama channellling (30th March 2011) via Aurelia Louise Jones

Mu, Telos and Atlan ~ Secrets of the Subterranean Cities by Sharula Dux, Part 1 The remaining parts can be accessed via the video series at the bottom of this post below, or skip this link and watch all below.

The Watcher Files


Here is a Adama channelling (from http://www.lemurianconnection.com

~~ Start ~~

Good evening and welcome, this is Adama, High Priest of Telos, greeting all of our beloved readers, those Light beings who open their hearts to the Lemurian vibrations in these days, the days of Messiah. Indeed, the transformations are fast and the cleaning process is profound and intensive. In her cleaning process, Mother Earth is following similar processes based on past memories. Lemuria and Atlantis are examples for transitions that took place on Earth. Lemuria sank into the ocean when Mother Earth cleaned herself and changed her vibrations. The decision to make substantial transformations in the learning process on the planet came from the highest source. It was agreed, in collaboration with the Council of Nine, our brothers the Pleiadians and the Masters, to create a game on the planet in which the Light beings are descending with their eyes blinded, in attempt to interact without the direct link to the Creator. Their purpose was to plant the first seeds to the human race and this is how this race was created. This creation is indeed similar to the energetic-etheric form of the people of Lemuria but the link was broken and so the human race slowly stepped towards reconnecting with the Divine Source. Today, me dears, many of you are waking up to the inner call which once again comes from a high source. Hearts are opening up, the DNA is transforming, plenty of information is delivered to the surface of the Earth. You, beloved, are channeling this information, healing, teaching and sending wake up calls to other people. We invite you to make a change these days, to take responsibility, to distribute the information. Please understand that most information is identical and accessible to everyone. Connecting and learning this information is a basic right of every human being. Therefore, my beloved, you should understand that by cooperating with higher energies, you perform your duty and together you will illuminate the planet.

You should be aware of the times you connect to us in the fifth dimension versus the times you go back down to the human perspective in the third dimension. You must speak the language of the heart and bring this vibration to the third dimension. Support and love each other.

We, here in Telos, are watching you behind the big crystal screens. It is indeed the “Big Brother” game. Do you really think it is a coincidence to see this game on TV shows? Please understand that the eyes of the universe and parallel universes are pointed at you. With the energetic changes that are taking place now, Earth is becomes the center of attention for the universe and other universes. The angle of the planet has shifted and will continue its shift in relation to the sun. The map structure of the sky is changing, which is essential to allow softer energies to enter the Earth and be utilized in the fifth dimension. Indeed, not all human beings will go through a transformation and those who will not will leave the planet in its fifth dimension existence and continue with their lessons in other places where third dimension still exists. Such planets, in which the game of the third dimension is acceptable, do exist.

The Light cities will open their doors to the Light beings and the interaction and acceptance between us will grow stronger. Get ready for the changes. Not everyone will be exposed to the meetings with us but only those Light beings which have physical-etheric bodies that can withstand our energies. That is why you should maintain a healthy diet, drink water, do a lot of sport and breath correctly. We send the healing energy to the Middle East. In those days when this area is going through intensive energetic transformation, the truth is coming out and the Light forces are filling the energetic space created. The transformation will come, be patient. Indeed, in the near future a new leader will come to the Jewish people, a leader that used to lead the kingdom of Israel, but this time he will come in a new reincarnation. Be ready for the Messiah. This is a true prophecy indeed, but please remember that your perspective of time is a bit different than ours and therefore you should be patient. The Jewish people are getting closer to completing their mission and closing their karma. Indeed, my beloved, there are plenty of changes as you can see. Keep your faith and maintain your Light work. I am with you, inviting you to Telos, the Light city, to visit us in the level of healing to strengthen, build up and balance your bodies. With great love, Adama.

(Channeled by Ayelet, Telos Israel)

~~ End of Adama channellling ~~

Mount Shasta Information ref Telos / Lemuria with author Aurelia Louise Jones:

A series of 12 videos: Sharula Dux on Telos & Hollow Earth — Sharula is apparently a 300+ year old Telosian…

Part 1 (of 12):

Part 2 (of 12):

Part 3 (of 12):

Part 4 (of 12):

Part 5 (of 12):

Part 6 (of 12):

Part 7 (of 12):

Part 8 (of 12):

Part 9 (of 12):

Part 10 (of 12):

Part 11 (of 12):

Part 12 (of 12):

And if you thought a world without money is not possible for us surface dwellers in the mess we find ourselves in, then let this video make you think again. It is by Free World Charter, a group promoting a world without money. Please do sign the charter. This is the only way we can truly live free and happy lives – without the manipulation that money introduces.

Free World Charter

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  1. maidudrumer says

    to whom It may concern , hi my name is Monty , Im kind of new to this internet stuff so bare with me. Im a 52 yr.old male I live in northern california Im a proud tribal member of a federally reconized Concw Maidu tribe in Butte Co. I have just recently in the last couple days started reading about this hallow earth thing and I am so blown away by all of it and i want to to learn more .and of course like many others want to go there ( if it really does exist ). It sounds to me like paradise or maybe there really is a heaven only its where hell was supposed to be wow . Anyway im going to keep looking in to this ( it really has my attention ) who knows maybe I”ll jump into my truck and drive up to mnt. Shasta myself its only a couple hrs. away by for now

  2. says

    Hi there, thank you for sharing. I love the calls with Bllie. Thank you for this nice collection of info about hollow earth you put together here, blessings !

    • says

      Susanna, most welcome. Hollow Earth is certainly fascinating – yes, I will say believable. Billie seems like a good guy, if I can put it so simply, and I have been debating whether to get one of his headbands : )Peace

  3. Franco says

    Great dear Reena that information would never have found it very interesting :-) what is to happen, it will be a wonderful transformation to the Outer Earth when our brothers in the sky and the Inner Earth will join us. new technology, new forms of * ¬ * live for only imagine I’m excited.
    that’s all

    Reena Thanks for your fun page. n_n

  4. says

    What worries me most about this is that Telos was the home world of the Cybermen.
    Oddly enough they did most of their stuff beneath the planet.

    Iodine, a member of the halide group of elements that include bromine, chlorine, and fluorine, is used as a cancer preventative. It is given to those who may be exposed to radioactive iodine. Iit is quickly taken up by the thyroid gland. Once the thyroid gland is satiated it will not take up, and concentrate, the radioactive iodine. Thus preventing thyroid cancer.

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