Project Camelot interviews Cynthia Marie Brewer: Secrets Behind The Human Genome Project (18th July 2011)

This is not for the ‘faint-hearted’…I have been deliberating whether to post or not to post…probably because it’s quite an emotive interview and topic…But who am I to censor. I’m just the messenger.

In a nutshell Cynthia Marie Brewer was told she had cancer and during an op her DNA was used for cloning, the result of which was her body, without her knowing, was made to gestate a clone. (Ever watched the Alien films…?) She says her DNA is being used for major profits by biotech companies to make some people wealthy whilst ultimately their cloning intentions are sinister. More info in the Camelot text below video.

Some would say she’s crazy, but I can’t see why anyone would make this sort of stuff up (unless you really were crazy, but she doesn’t seem that sort of crazy to me).

Certainly the PTB (powers that be) are crazy enough…And it would fit in with Benjamin Fulford’s – what shall we call it – living organism that they removed from his spine (see below).

Of course she could be delusional but she does sound very ‘in the moment’ and her words flow freely. In fact the interviewer seems to have a more uncomfortable time.

I haven’t been able to find too much to verify Cynthia’s claims, except these links, and two are her own words.

First Link

Second Link

And this is the Rosalin Institute in Scotland where they made the first (?) human-sheep clone called ‘Dolly’:

Third Link

Here’s something on Craig Venter who created the first ‘synthetic human’ called Cynthia no less, as mentioned by Cynthia in the interview:

Fourth Link

And lastly, tying in with the DNA theme, it seems Rupert Murdoch has big ties with Big Pharma. This article shows how Murdoch’s media giant destroyed the reputation of a doctor (Dr Wakefield) who was trying to protect children from the serious health issues created by the MMR vaccination. Why? Surprise surprise, his son is on the board of Glaxo who make the concoction. Amazing. What other criminal and corrupt actions have been facilitated by Murdoch and his cronies…it seems these people thought they were above the law.

(Caveat – I cite just the one article about Dr Wakefield, and you may wish to look into it yourself further but certainly the News Of The World Pharma connections are highly suspicious and thus immediately discredit any smearings of this doctor Murdoch put out there.)

Anyway back to Cynthia’s story and what a story it is. Btw, next time the doc tells you you have some major health issue and need an op, make sure to get a second opinion…… : – )

Joking aside (though it’s a pretty sensible thing to do all things considered!), I just want to say don’t shoot the messenger (ie me) in case you find the message disconcerting. All I can say is that we don’t as yet know probably even half the lies that have been deliberately kept from we the people and we need to toughen up about the stuff that is no doubt going to continue to come out into the open. I am sure many who come to this blog would not be surprised to hear that this sort of cloning is/could be going on.

The interview is an hour or more, and below the video is some text from Project Camelot’s site. Enjoy, if that’s the right word…

~~ Start ~~


Cynthia Marie Brewer claims her DNA was taken and used as the original fully sequenced DNA for the Human Genome Project against her will. From there on her story, if she is to be believed, has tentacles in nearly every aspect of human endeavor on the planet. Ultimately the trail leads to the purpose behind the Illuminati obsession with bloodlines and the emphasis they have on blending what is called in occult circles “the red” with “the black”.

This involves the “red” being blue-eyed redheads who descend from the Neanderthal… and have a tendency to be non-violent and more empathetic as well has having a proclivity for telepathy (see Graham Hancock’s recent book “Entangled” for more on this)… What are called “blacks” in occult cirlces — are the blond haired, or other hair color, with blue/green eyes of Celtic descendants from the Anunnaki bloodline, who tend to be more aggressive, highly intelligent, ruler of people also with psychic sensitivity.. (also known as the Illuminati bloodline).

From there on it gets wildly convoluted. Listen to this preliminary investigation into the secrets regarding the sequencing of human DNA and to where it may lead….
The Definition according to Wikipedia:

The Human Genome Project (HGP) is an international scientific research project with a primary goal of determining the sequence of chemical base pairs which make up DNA, and of identifying and mapping the approximately 20,000–25,000 genes of the human genome from both a physical and functional standpoint. — Wikipedia

Additional note: Some of you may remember when Benjamin Fulford went into the hospital for a spinal operation. What they discovered at the base of his spine sounds like a very similar kind of ‘creature’ or chimera (see article re Benjamin Fulford’s “creature”) to the one that Cynthia Brewer refers to in this audio interview. Once they removed it, Benjamin asked to have the photos of it. All evidence of it disappeared from the hospital. Considering Benjamin is also from an illuminati bloodline this follows along with the same idea as mentioned here. That is, that these implanted organisms take on the genetics of the host and then are removed and used in genetic experiments and possibly future cloning procedures.

Kerry Cassidy
Project Camelot
July 18, 2011

Cynthia’s email – cyntheion at

~~ End ~~

Comments, as always, welcome.



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  1. says

    in secrets behind human genome article “Additional note: Some of you may remember when Benjamin Fulford went into the hospital for a spinal operation. What they discovered at the base of his spine sounds like a very similar kind of ‘creature’ or chimera (see article re Benjamin Fulford’s “creature”) to the one that Cynthia Brewer refers to in this audio interview. Once they removed it, Benjamin aske……………….”

    I interpreted the creature or chimera,discovered at the base of spine,may be
    responsible for Kundalini Fire !!
    Kundalini fire is defined as spine conducting light/illumination,e.g. when only
    air of prana circulates in spine then it behaves as a fiber optic conductor draws
    light( there is a fiber optic conductor between eyes and brain fluid-which gives us
    sense of vision)During kundalini awakening a practitioner shifts creature from
    base of spine to brain fluid,thereby spine circulates only air of prana -this is yoga…
    (serpent powers of human genomes)
    You are author authority having expertize in the subject,kindly let me have your
    valuable views.
    Regards mkumar.

    • says

      Namaste mkumar, I am not an expert in Kundalini…though mine was raised once and ever since I can raise it at will, but as for creatures being responsible for the Kundalini energy, that sounds unlikely to me. It makes sense as part of some project like this genome one, but if it was a more general phenomenon then I think more of these creatures would have been discovered or at least talked about…

      But your point is insightful in that Benjamin Fulford’s creature was in the base of his spine which is where the Kundalini rises from…maybe the creature was sucking BF’s energy from this spiritually strategic place.

      Thanks for your comment, Peace

  2. Beaker says

    I used to follow Project Camelot at the beginning. Somewhere their information became polluted and more fantasy like. I cant bring myself to watch/listen to the newer stuff.

    It feels like they now have an agenda. The early days they would interview real people with real stories. Now they have stuff like “the Real James Bond.” I made it to about the half way marker before my BS Flag was raised. (glp joke)

    Does anyone else feel that they have lost a step? During her interviewing doesnt it feel like her questioning leads people from the truth and her questions are keyed to change the subject? Im sorry to post something negative on here but people with agendas generally cant be trusted.

    This goes hand in hand with the suprise coverage of this issue on the Alex Jones show. The disappointing thing is this actually might be a form of the truth. Lets get the public ready for manufactured human beings aka the disclosure of clones.

    If you read lots of Reena you will find the word clone several times. St.Germain, Benjamin Fulford mention clones in their explanations of history. Replacing key members of society with clones, replacing dead soldiers with clones… I think the alternate alternate-media is trying to tell us something.

    I think there is a partial truth in this video. The ability to grow humans like plants… the fact that every aspect of making a child has been compromised with false science. It robs a woman of what makes them magical. The gift, the miracle of child birth. This just makes me sour.

    People of the light, dont be distracted. They will throw so much stuff at us in the next 60 days to make sure we arent paying attention to whats important. (LOL I edited a lot out of the post I could have gone on for a while on this.)

    • says

      Beaker, I’ve not spent much time listening to Project Camelot stuff though I heard various views like what you say. In fact this is the first full piece I listened to of theirs, and I did think the interviewer was rather argumantative given she had invited this guest. And I thought Cynthia was remarkably cool and unoffended which is credit to her. Yes a lot of stuff is coming into the mix and it’s getting harder to discern truth from lies. Always. always, we must go with what our heart speaks, and not let heart-truth get silenced by anything.

  3. Andreas Lindauer says

    Dear Reena,

    thanks to the file of the AIRL Alien_Interview.pdf some days ago, which I read within 3 days complete, this message about cloning humans doesn´t shock me. That´s maybe the opportunity that it can be possible. Look what Airl said about the company “Bugs and Blossoms” The only bad feeling I had was that she also said it was made commercial. So we all are sold “products”, like it or not as long as someone proofs the opposite. Love and Light from Germany. Andreas

    • says

      Dear Andreas, thanks for your comment from Germany. I literally just finished reading the Alien Interview, and in the light of it, yes the cloning is what you would expect. I too had similar thoughts about the commercial nature behind the creation of so many life forms, and other questions…it’s all being digested as I write. Never read anything quite like it before…Liebe & Licht (I hope I got that right), Reena

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