US Government To Shut Down In Two Weeks?

Could Sheldan Nidle be right? And other channelers? Is the US government indeed to be replaced very shortly?

Certainly, some reports circulating the internet are saying this will happen in two weeks.

But first, this is what Wikipedia says about what a Government Shut Down is:

“A government shutdown occurs when a government discontinues providing services that are not considered “essential.” Typically, services that continue in spite of a shutdown include police, fire fighting, armed forces, utilities and corrections.

A shutdown can occur when a legislative body (including the legislative power of veto by the executive) cannot agree on a budget financing its government programs for a pending fiscal year. In the absence of appropriated funds, the government discontinues providing non-essential services at the beginning of the affected fiscal year. Government employees who provide essential services, often referred to as “essential employees”, are required to continue working.”

Reports here:

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